Hummingbird Organic

The Hummingbird Organic range of premium spirits


‘We need a website that says 3 things; Organic, Premium and Classic’

The Hummingbird certified organic range of spirits is produced from organic grains and fruits, free from pesticides and herbicides that often end up in our soil and water. Not only does it meet the demands of the organic conscious consumer, but it does so without compromising on taste.

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Client: West Cork Distillers
Date: July 2020
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website

Design Step 1 – Wireframe

As with all web design projects, we start with the wireframe.

The wireframe is a two-dimensional depiction of a page’s interface that shows the spacing of elements on the page, how content is prioritised, what functionalities are available, and how users will interact with the site. Think of the wireframe as the foundations of your house, if we don’t have a solid foundation to start, then all the stuff we put on top of it, like the colours, imagery and style, really don’t stand a chance.

The key to a good wireframe is simplicity. No colours, fonts, styling or imagery should be used in a wireframe as these distract from the structure and functionality of the website.

Design Step 2 – High Fidelity Design

It’s time to create the visual style for the site.

This is where we take the wireframe and place content like logos, colours, fonts, iconography, images and text to create a high fidelity mockup of how the website will look and feel.