Kelly Sales

A new era for Estate Agency in Northern Ireland


Kelly Sales is an established and highly respected estate agency based in Northern Ireland.

I was approached by the owner and his son at the end of 2019 to create a new look and feel for the company as it moves into a new era. The existing branding was dated but instantly recognisable in the locale so I didn’t want to move too far away from it. Rather than reinvent the brand I planned to build on the existing brand.

Client: Kelly Sales
Date: January 15, 2020
Services: Branding & Web


The logo is at the heart of every rebrand. Kelly Sales wanted something that was simple yet remained professional, approachable and trustworthy.

The key part of the logo is the ‘K’. This is the part of the logo that Kelly Sales has always emphasised over the years so I wanted to remain true to this concept by creating a unique, luxurious mark that represented the brand. The ‘K’ on it’s own is just as powerful and is used mainly on their digital platforms.


Our website is our shop window, it promotes our properties and services to our clients in a user friendly and professional manner.

Creating a content management estate agent website was never going to be an easy task but with a lot of research, wire-framing and prototyping I was able to get the perfect solution for Kelly Sales. The property listings and content is full managed by the client to ensure they are in full control of their business.