Lead Onion

Client: Lead Onion
Website: leadonion.com
Services: Branding | Digital | Web

01. Who are Lead Onion

Lead Onion is the leading, strongest European dataset in the industry.

With Lead Onion you can fill your marketing funnel with leads at every layer of intent. By configuring your target personas, the system will automatically drop intent-driven prospects directly into your marketing and sales funnels – at scale.


A new logo was created, brand icon and a complete brand guidelines document outlining correct usage of logo, colour palette, typography, photography and graphic elements.

UX / UI Design

I created the wireframes and mockups for the new homepage, landing pages and email templates.

Digital Assets

Digital assets for social media, email campaigns and landing pages. A full suite of guides for an online university portal were also created.

02. The Branding

Along with a series of logo concept the brand settled on a brand icon and wordmark to identify the company. A full brand guidelines document was produced to ensure both internal personnel and external designers/marketers use the brand correctly.


Zymplify were happy with the logo they already had but I felt it could do with a bit of work so I updated the logo but kept the original concept of a handwritten style in tact so it doesn’t stray too far from being recognisable. They were delighted with the option I presented them so they rolled out the new logo along with the brand in January 2020.


Along side the new logo Zymplify launched a complete new look and feel I created for the brand with a new brand icon, colour/gradient palette, typography, photography, graphic elements and correct usage of how all these assets can be brought together across various media to give a cohesive brand.

03. Digital Design

Digital assets, templates and infographics for social media, email campaigns and landing pages were created.