Omagh Today Magazine

Front Creative have been designing Omagh Today magazine since February 2011. Omagh Today is a 56 page, fortnightly, community-focused magazine aiming to promote everything that is good about Omagh and the surrounding areas. From in-depth interviews to fascinating local features, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and much more, the magazine continues to thrive in the area.

Client: Omagh Today
Services: Print | Advertising

What I do

I work together with a team of copywriters, photographers and editors to design editorial, advertising and layouts for the magazine every fortnight.  I ensure the magazine stays fresh and up to date with the latest design trends while ensuring I deliver on time and to a very high standard.

Front Creative have been a part of the Omagh Today team for nearly 10 years and we believe much of the success of the magazine has been down to the creativeness they bring to every issue

Editor – Omagh Today