Intelligent data at your fingertips


SalesTier provides an end to end solution for sales & marketing teams in the beverage industry.

The platform was designed and developed for the beverage Industry where a distinct lack of sales visibility exists. Users can manage sales, accounts & team members all from one place. 

Client: Salestier
Date: March 17, 2022
Services: Branding & Web

The brand identity.

SalesTier has come a long way already from humble beginnings, but, they have never lost sight of their mission, to make the lives of their clients easier.

They approached me to design a brand identity system with the focus being that the platform helps to make lives easier and to give it ‘the human touch’.

I took this literally in my logo concepts by designing a brand that has an ‘S’ in the style of a fingerprint accompanied by the line ‘Intelligent data at your fingertips’.


Once the logo and brand identity was designed we moved on to the website design.

The website consisted for a bespoke design and working prototype. The site allows users to browse get an understanding of who Salestier are, information about their products and services as well as latest news, contact and recruitment.