Simple, beautiful marketing.

01. Who are Zym

Zym are a sister company of Zymplify.  They are providers of simple but powerful marketing solutions for marketing professionals and small businesses. 

Using the latest technologies they have developed a Cloud Marketing platform that gives access to a personalised, integrated digital toolbox. Making digital marketing easier and more powerful!


I started the project with the logo/wordmark design. We decided on a clean wordmark that had great flow and simplicity which captures the brand ethos perfectly.

Brand Identity

Stage 2 was to create the brand identity document which consisted of logo usage, colour palette, gradient palette, typography, iconography, photography, graphical elements and examples of these across print and digital.

Digital & Web

A key deliverable in the project was to provide a wide range of dynamic digital graphics and templates. A full suite of icons and digital templates for use on the website, social media and the software platform were created.

03. The Rebrand

A full brand guidelines document has been produced to ensure both internal personnel and external designers/marketers use the brand correctly.


Zym asked me to create a new logo for their rapidly expanding company, for use in a variety of print and digital applications. My proposed strategy addressed both their future and existing audiences, and centred around the theme of simplicity. The solution was to create a stand alone wordmark with flowing curved letters and rounded edges.


A brand identity toolkit was created to ensure correct usage of the logo, colour/gradient palette, typography, photography, graphic elements and correct usage of how all these assets can be brought together across various media to give a cohesive brand.


A full suite of icons were designed for use on the website and the software itself. Each icon represents a feature of the software, is colour coded and designed with flow and simplicity in mind.

04. Digital solutions

Social media and website assets were created to ensure the branding continued across a wide range of digital platforms. Templates were supplied so the company can maintain consistency in house.