Client: Zymplify
Date: 01/2020
Services: Branding

01. Who are Zymplify

Zymplify are providers of big marketing solutions for small and medium businesses. 

Using the latest technologies they have developed a Cloud Marketing platform that give businesses access to their own personalised integrated digital toolbox. Making digital marketing easier and more powerful!


I created a new logo, brand icon and a complete brand guidelines document outlining correct usage of logo, colour palette, typography, photography and graphic elements.

UX / UI Design

I created the wireframes and mockups for the new homepage, landing pages and email templates that will be rolled out in 2020.

Digital Assets

Digital assets for social media, their browser based software and other online platforms were rolled out in February 2020.

02. My process

My relationship with Zymplify started in October 2019. They had recently received a huge 1m investment that allowed them to expand from their Northern Ireland office to Manchester, UK and Boston, USA. The investment also meant the company could focus on executing a multi-stage rebrand.

After a consultation and research stage I started the rebrand in December 2019. The supporting assets were completed by February 2020.

03. The Rebrand

A full brand guidelines document has been produced to ensure both internal personnel and external designers/marketers use the brand correctly.


Zymplify were happy with the logo they already had but I felt it could do with a bit of work so I updated the logo but kept the original concept of a handwritten style in tact so it doesn’t stray too far from being recognisable. They were delighted with the option I presented them so they rolled out the new logo along with the brand in January 2020.


Along side the new logo Zymplify launched a complete new look and feel I created for the brand with a new brand icon, colour/gradient palette, typography, photography, graphic elements and correct usage of how all these assets can be brought together across various media to give a cohesive brand.

04. Web Solutions

New homepage, landing page and email mockups were designed in line with the new brand guidelines. The mockups were created with the user experience at the centre of the design.